CrackDown was formed in Aarhus Denmark January 2015 by Kim Holm and Lasse Mønsted.

Both were active on the alternative scene as performers and promoters before they set out to create a new sound together. CrackDown's sound is hard to label – it creates a fusion between the alternative electro sound from the eighties with modular soundscapes (created on machines from the same era), melodic songs – and even classical piano.

Since 2015 CrackDown has been giving concerts in Denmark and Germany, among others in Constellation with Skinny Puppy (CA) Front Line Assembly (CA) Covenant (S) Rummelsnuff (D).
4 singels has been released, getting worldwild attention form radio stations and DJ’s (in the US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, France, Sweden, Greece , Nederland)

As a side project Kim and Lasse formed Snow in April in 2016 with a more neo-classical style. The single Third and All was released in August 2016.

Kim Holm: The Noise In Silence, Dead Trees, Holm/Mirland and managing director for the alternative Danish festival RECession.

Lasse Mønsted: Dead State 81, Glass Description, Skumle lig.

Inspired by classic acts such as Cabaret Voltaire, Skinny Puppy, Kraftwerk, Echo and the bunnymen, The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy.

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Russia do you hate me
Smiles a lot

Snow in April:
Third and all



CrackDown Sound
CrackDown Sound
CrackDown - Finn
CrackDown - Time


CrackDown: Beginning
CrackDown Video - Beginning
CrackDown: Smiles a lot
CrackDown Video - Smiles a lot
CrackDown: Russia Do You Hate Me?
CrackDown Video: Russia Do You Hate Me?
CrackDown: Finn
CrackDown Video: Finn [Official Fan Video]
CrackDown: Blue Rats (Coil Cover) [Official Fan Video]
CrackDown Video: Blue Rats (Coil Cover) [Official Fan Video]
CrackDown: Time
CrackDown Video: Time